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Updated: 01.09.2021

As a PAM member you and your spouse qualify for Finland’s lowest-price* life insurance with a  52% ongoing discount. Life insurance secures your family against financial worries in case the worst happens to you.

PAM members already benefiting from the offer save an average of €240 a year.
For example, life insurance of €50,000 € costs a 30-year-old around €4 a month and life insurance of €100,000 around €8 a month.

Calculate the cost of your life insurance here 

*Price comparison Innolink 11/2020.


As a PAM member you and your spouse qualify for comprehensive accident insurance at discounts of up to 61%. Primus accident insurance is flexible, low-cost and is adapted to your life situation. You don’t need to complete a health assessment and the insurance is valid right away.

Find the accident insurance that’s right for you here 

As a PAM member you can also get low-cost, zero-excess Primus accident insurance for your child. It is valid anytime and anywhere, including competitive sports. The insurance costs around €3 a month.

Get accident insurance for your child quickly

ADDITIONAL BENEFIT: 2,000 EURO survivors’ cover

All new Primus insurance policies come with an additional benefit of Survivors’ cover worth 2,000 euros. In the event of bereavement, Survivors’ cover is paid to the estate.

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