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Updated: 01.03.2022

Kaleva membership benefits –  insurance cover quickly and easily online at Cover is valid immediately.


Life insurance – save hundreds

Life insurance gives compensation for death due to illness or accident. Secure your family’s standard of living with comprehensive cover.

You and your spouse are entitled to life insurance cover at significantly and permanently lower rates, your discount is 52 %. PAM members who have already made use of this benefit save around 258 euros a year on average. You can choose individual cover for yourself and your spouse or joint cover at even lower rates. You are eligible if either you or your spouse is a member.


Accident insurance – can cover the whole family

You can get this insurance benefit for all your family. You and your spouse can customise comprehensive, low-cost accident insurance to suit your requirements.

You can also take out a very low-cost accident insurance package for your children – for 4 euros a month or less. The insurance provides worldwide cover with no deductible and also covers competitive sport etc. up to the age of 18 years. 


All new insurance policies come with an additional benefit for all insured persons in the event of death. The benefit is worth 2000 euros in 2022.

Insurance cover is provided by our partner Kaleva Mutual Insurance Company, with customer and claims services provided by If P&C Insurance Ltd (publ), branch in Finland.

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